Storing energy generates real advantages says Star Power

Increasing numbers of temporary power generator hirers are combining battery packs alongside generators as they see significant cost savings and the ability to reduce their carbon footprints.

Temporary power hire specialist Star Power says the set up is proving highly attractive for its customers – as high-tech telemetry systems prove its cost-effectiveness.

Using battery packs with mobile power generators also has advantages in providing silent and zero-emissions power solutions, for example at night and in designated quiet zones in built-up areas.

Flexible power

Star Power’s Head of Power, Paul Ridley, said: “Combining battery packs with generators is an increasingly popular temporary and critical power solution for our customers.

“The potential cost savings are very significant, as are the reductions in the carbon emissions. Also the flexibility the approach delivers in terms of reducing noise and emissions in sensitive areas is attractive.”

Star Power can provide temporary power solutions for emergency and planned power support anywhere in the UK. Its fleet includes advanced JCB generators, including units with stage V engines.

One client, a construction company, now has battery packs and generators as its standard temporary power solution after seeing the advantages they deliver.

Significant savings

The advanced telemetry systems on Star Power’s fleet of JCB generators and battery energy storage systems (BESS) allow accurate real time measurement of the savings generated by using batteries.

On one site, over a four-week period, combining a battery pack with the 46 kVA generator results in a 44 percent reduction in diesel fuel consumption, creating a cost saving of over £2,000.

This equates to 4,000kg less carbon being generated over the same period.

Star Power Foreman Service Engineer Carl Knight plays a key role in advising clients on the best battery pack and generator solutions and managing the telemetry systems that monitor their performance.

He said: “Battery storage systems are not just good for the pocket, they’re good for the planet. When you see the savings they can generate, the solution speaks for itself.

“Using batteries is also ideal for events, where both noise and emissions need to be eliminated. They are also popular on film and TV sets and are often essential for underground working.

“Our telemetry systems allow clients to remotely monitor the performance of battery pack and generator set-ups, so they can be confident they’re working exactly as they should be.”

Battery options

Star Power can offer the MBE LX 45/90 Gel BESS. The unit can be topped up from solar PV, a wind turbine, mains supply, or a diesel generator.

Its JCB 1.50QE 8Kw power pack, a lithium battery pack, can be stacked up to three high for compact storage. It delivers zero CO2, NOx and particulates power, and also has solar power connectivity.

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