Heater Hire

Reliable, powerful heating solutions

Star Power hire temporary heating for offices, factory spaces, tents,  warehouses
and many other types of work and leisure spaces

  • Long and short term heater hire
  • Heaters delivered and collected to/from your site
  • Suitable for larger locations
  • Useful for drying applications, best results in conjunction with dehumidifiers


If you are looking for heating hire, give us a call on 03300 535622.


Our products:




Dry, fume-free heat from indirect space heaters that provide large volumes of clean warm dry air for heating large spaces such as halls, marquees and areas where people are present. This type of heater is also ideally suited to places where ventilation is limited or there is a risk to combustible materials.

  • High capacity, easily transportable, compact.
  • Indirect diesel fired heater that produces 100%, clean and dry, warm air by blowing air alongside a heat exchanger with a powerful radial fan
  • Easily transported
  • Suitable for ducting warm air across site

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