Green Energy

For an alternative, more sustainable solution to standard generators.

Green Energy

If you are looking for a more sustainable solution on your construction site, Star Power provides numerous options for you. From full HVO fuel management for generators, resulting in a 90% reduction in CO2, to solar and battery-powered units. Whatever your requirement, we will ensure that you can have the solution that fits your needs.

We also supply a range of:

  • Solar power packs
  • Hybrid generators
  • Solar lighting

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45KVA 45kwh & 75kwh Battery Storage System

• Lithium ion battery system
• Silent operation
• Harness Renewable Energy
• 10 remotely programmable output sockets
• Auto fail safety bypass
• 7-day remotely programmable timer
• Automatic load shedding
• KWH energy meter
• Daylight sensor
• Advanced remote monitoring system
• Multiple battery communication


Green power battery hire

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