IT specialist selects Star Power back-up in dash for growth

A fast-expanding IT company has described its decision to hire a super sustainable Stage V JCB back-up generator from Star Power as a “no brainer” – saying it is a key element of its push for growth.Star Power has delivered and installed at new JCB G100RS Stage V generator at the Cambridgeshire HQ of idash, a premium provider of IT services to the commercial sector.The near silent generator is 100kVA prime rated and 110kVA stand-by rated. Its Stage V engine delivers the most efficient, low emissions performance possible. It can also be run on bio-diesel HVO fuel, which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90% and harmful particulates by up to 86%.

Stage V – ‘no brainer’ The Star Power maintained generator now provides full, reliable, and highly sustainable power back-up for idash, safeguarding its own IT assets and services, and those of its growing portfolio of customers. Chris Elt, an idash director, said: “We had been carrying out a review of our power back-up support, so invited Star Power to assess our requirements and what they had to offer. “From the word go, we’ve been impressed with their technical advice and knowledge, and the generator recommended. “Accepting Star Power’s suggestion of taking a Stage V JCB generator was really a no brainer. JCB is a world class brand that builds trust with our service users. “Having a Stage V generator supports our sustainability strategy at a time when our clients are also keen to shrink the carbon footprints of their supply chains. “Based on client feed-back, I firmly believe using a JCB Stage V generator, backed by Star Power service, gives us a marketing edge. “It’s demonstrating we take carbon net zero seriously and it gives clients full confidence that their digital services and data will not be compromised by mains power loss.”

Futureproofed power Star Power’s Head of Power, Paul Ridley, said: “We’re delighted Chris and the team at idash are pleased with their new generator. “IT companies need 100% certainty that back-up power will kick in precisely when it’s needed, especially when there has been growing concern about continuity of mains supply. “That’s what this JCB G100RS generator is designed to deliver. Also, as a Stage V generator, it future-proofs idash’s fuel efficiency and emissions reduction commitments.” Founded in 2001 and based in St Neots, idash delivers a range of digital services, including business continuity support, data recovery, data storage, cloud services, alongside traditional hardware supply, and computer coding. Capacity for growth It is confident hiring Star Power’s JCB Stage V generator will support its bid to become a Certified B business, a designation that identifies a company as setting high standards in performance, accountability and transparency. The company has also selected a generator with enough capacity to accommodate growth as it is about to expand its footprint with new offices and facilities on its site. The JCB G100RS’s advanced engine design and control systems means it is guaranteed to deliver 100% load from cold in seconds, ensuring all the emergency power idash needs is delivered smoothly and precisely, in the event of a mains failure. Maintenance support Star Power will provide idash with full maintenance back-up, which includes regular maintenance checks delivered by qualified and experienced mobile engineers. The generator also has JCB’s advanced LiveLink telematics system, allowing it to be remotely monitored. Star Power is a temporary power solutions specialist with the capability and capacity to provide full service and bespoke power support, on an emergency and planned basis, anywhere in the UK. Services include generator hire, sales and maintenance, and supply of the company’s unique containerised powerpod generators. Find out more Talk to Star Power about the advantages of Stage V JCB generators combined with industry-leading maintenance support. Star Power supplies generators with outputs from 6kVA to 500kVA.

Find out more Talk to Star Power about the advantages of Stage V JCB generators combined with industry-leading maintenance support. Star Power supplies generators with outputs from 6kVA to 500kVA. Call: 0330 053 5622. Email: