Housebuilders cut costs and bank reputational gain with battery-generator power

House builders are working with Star Power to take advantage of hybrid mobile power systems that dramatically reduce fuel costs, eliminate noise nuisance and shrink carbon footprints.

Increasing numbers of property builders – already sensitive to perceptions about their developments’ sustainability performance – are switching to battery and generator power solutions.

By drawing electricity from a battery pack, which is topped up regularly by an onsite generator, housebuilders can more than halve the amount of fuel used, saving many thousands of pounds.

Clear advantages

Star Power Technical Director Matt Paul said: “The advantages of hybrid power systems on house building sites are clear and we’re pleased to be working with increasing numbers of developers as a result.

“Both generator and battery technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and we stock the most advanced equipment on market, so our clients can leverage the maximum benefit.”

For years, property developers have used generators to power mobile site and marketing offices, welfare and storage units and concrete silos.

In more recent times, the number of assets needing power has increased, with security cameras, site lighting and IT systems increasingly common on modern building sites.

As the drive towards Net Zero by 2050 gathers pace, there will also be a growing need to recharge an expanding array of electric construction vehicles and equipment, including heavy plant.

Red diesel ban

At the same time, as the government has banned the use of cheaper red diesel on building sites, and diesel prices have risen sharply, contractors are increasingly concerned to reduce fuel costs.

Matt Paul said: “Combining an advanced mobile generator with a battery storage system supplied by Star Power is presenting house builders with a number of smart wins.

“Running generators optimally over a 24-hour cycle can be a challenge as demand for power fluctuates. However, hybrid power systems can all but eliminate this problem.

“Generators can always be run at their most efficient load levels to top up batteries so fuel consumption is optimised and the amount of carbon released is minimised.

“Batteries also allows power to be delivered at night with zero noise and emissions. This is particularly important on phased development sites where residents can be living next to homes still under construction.

“Many house builders are marketing the sustainability of their developments, both in terms of the carbon footprint created to build them and their energy efficiency to live in.

“As temporary power is a key component of energy use on any construction site, and will have growing significance, being able to make it as efficient as possible is a key advantage.”

Super silent

A current example is Star Power’s support for a major house building programme on a former industrial site near Newport, in South Wales.

The company is providing a 60kVA generator, below right, paired with an MBE LX 45/90, below left, universal energy storage system for the construction of 178 new homes as part of the latest phase of the development.

The battery system delivers a maximum power output of 45 kilowatts with storage capacity of 90 kilowatt-hours. It can also be connected to a solar power source, a wind turbine, or to the grid.

OFF GRID 45_90 (2)
60KVA Diesel Silenced

The generator is super silent and can be powered with HVO fuel as well as diesel. It has 230v single phase and 400v three-phase outputs, with 32amp, 63amp and 125amp three-phase sockets.

The advanced telemetry of the generator and battery pack allows Star Power to provide construction clients with detailed performance reports on the system’s efficiency, fuel consumption and CO2 generated.

Analysis of a battery-generator system used on a recent project showed the generator only had to run for 24 hours to deliver power over a 96-hour period. This saved an estimated £2,295 in fuel costs.

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