Keeping the film & TV industry running

In recent years Star Power has supported many TV and film companies continue to operate where power was not easily accessible. Take a look below at some of our projects.

Lighting up Hollywood

Silent truck generator


Star Power were asked to design and manufacture super silent 100kVA generators, able to run for several days with a fully bunded fuel tank. The generators needed to be mounted to a tractor unit. The client also requested a fully weatherproof distribution system for outside filming use. 

Following the success of this project, the client has since taken multiple more units from Star Power, hiring them for use throughout the UK. 

The generators have been used on the sets of many blockbuster films to help supply facilities across Europe. 

"Working with TV & film companies and meeting their challenging requirements is something that Powertek thrive on. Due to the precise specifications, we will often have to find a bespoke solution to their needs." Matthew Paul, Managing Director, Powertek.

One Direction music video


Powertek were called at 10am one Saturday morning, from a video crew facing some huge challenges. After being let down by another supplier who failed to deliver the correct equipment to their site, they needed Powertek’s support. Within a few hours Powertek had delivered a 100KVA generator to the end of Clevedon pier to power lights and equipment to shoot a One Direction music video.

One direction emergency power